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How do I prepare for a shoot?
Here are some general rules of thumb:
  • If you can see it, so can my camera. All spaces for any photo session are required to be 100% photo ready prior to photo session unless previously negotiated. Otherwise, all spaces are photographed as is.
  • Turn on all lights. This includes all interior and exterior lights, fixtures, lamps, accent, and cabinet lights. If it is a bulb, it should be turned on. Certain lights deemed un-necessary or distracting may be turned off during session, at discretion of photographer.
  • Open all curtains.
  • Mini blinds are generally best down, but open. If subject matter outside is important to capture though the windows it will most likely be best to open blinds all the way.
  • Remove trash bins and/or recycle.
  • MLS listings must remove For Sale/Lease signs to be MLS compliant. If sign is present at the time of the photo session, photographer will generally find a way to shoot around it.
For a complete guide and checklist click here.

What is your cancellation policy?
24 hours notice is required to cancel a photo session without penalty. If a photo session is canceled in less than 24 hours before a shoot, a $50 fee will be assessed. This is only if photographer is unable to fill the appointment. If photographer is unable to access a property at the time of a shoot, a fee of $1 per minute is charged for any extra time that may be required to complete the photo shoot. After 30 minutes, if photographer is still unable to access a property it is considered a cancellation and the $50 fee will apply in lieu of the $1 per minute fee.

What is a dusk or twilight shoot?
Dusk and/or twilight photo sessions are booked after 5pm and end after dark. The start time for a dusk photo session is based on the time of year and current weather conditions. Also, please be aware that additional fees apply for dusk sessions.

What is the difference between standard DSLR and HDR photography?
For a full comparison, please click here.

What services do you offer?
Photography is what we do best, but we offer a variety of turnkey services for real estate professionals. For a full list of services and features, please click here.

How do I pay?
However you would like to. I accept all methods of payment online or in person (credit, debit, cash, check).

How do I get my pictures?
Once I have finished selecting and editing your images you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your photos. I have made this system easy and “foolproof” for your convenience.

Who owns the photos?
I own the copyright to all of my images. I issue a limited license for Clients to use the digital images in his/her MLS listing, and in other promotional materials intended to sell or lease the property under his/her current contract with the property owner. NO images may be transferred to subsequent listing agents or the property owners in the event that the property does not sell under the terms of the current contract.

Can I share the images you take for me?
It depends on where you want to share them. I encourage my clients to use images for the sale or rental of a property, which may include their website, promotional materials and social media. Beyond those platforms, please do not share the images I take with anyone else, without my written permission.

Will you use or sell the images you take for me?
I do not seek to sell images taken for my clients. There are, however, circumstances where this might happen. For example; I have photographed almost every condominium complex in Austin. If I am hired to photograph a property or complex that I have previously photographed, and on the day of the shoot the weather is inclement, I may use an exterior image of the building from a previous shoot to supply to my client. I will never sell an entire collection of images to someone else.

What happens when weather is inclement?
In the event of inclement weather prohibiting exterior photography, the interior portion of the shoot will generally proceed, unless otherwise stated by photographer. A follow-up session will be scheduled for the exterior and is subject to current weather and scheduling availability. I will make every effort to promptly reschedule the exterior portion of shoot. You are not charged for follow up exterior sessions.

What if I decide I want to reschedule my session for better weather?
This is handled case by case. Generally this is not a problem, but I require three hours notice for weather reschedules. If I show up because you haven’t notified me within three hours of our scheduled appointment, you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. Your session will then be rescheduled and is subject to current weather and scheduling availability.

What are photo glintz?
Photo glintz are small bursts or rays of light that are added to your images during the editing process. They are generally added to light fixtures. Some people like this and some people don’t. By default I do not add photo glintz to images. If you would like this service you may select the add-on during the booking process. To see an example click here.

Do you stage properties?
I consider staging to be bringing in furniture, décor, and other items to make a property look inviting and appealing to potential buyers. I DO NOT do this. If you need property or home staging contact me if you would like a referral.

Do you prepare properties?
I do not prepare properties unless this is previously negotiated at least 24 hours prior to scheduled photo session. If you would like to add on my preparation services before a shoot, it will include things like adjusting lighting/blinds, re-arranging, de-cluttering, moving trash bins, mild cleaning, etc. There is an extra fee for this service. If I am not contacted with prior notice, all spaces are photographed as-is.